Beyond Defence – a holistic approach to self-defence

Beyond Defence – a holistic approach to self-defence

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Beyond Defence – a holistic approach to self-defence

26th - 26 October


BeyondDefence sees SelfDefence as another form of SelfCare!

Available as a half-day workshop, Beyond Defence offers a unique approach to developing self-defence skills.

Threatening situations usually need more than just self defence skills.
Especially for us women who are exposed to different threats than men and sometimes have other physical challenges to deal with.

The new concept breaks this all down in a simple formula

Well being + Self defence tools + Mindsetting = 360 degree SelfCare

The combination of tools provided are there to strengthen each person tailor made and instantly empowering from where they stand. We will reactivate skills in EVERYONE who will attend this workshop, there is no previous experience needed.

Experience how fun, love and connection can stand besides setting boundaries and making your light shine.

Learn more in these classes about

– prevention from getting in threatening situations or even to foresee them

– the principles to defend most efficiently

– the principles to start to train yourself to become more confident

– How to find the peace in you, which will increase the peace around you

– why an holistic approach will keep you the safest

Gain an instant shift from each class!! FOR WOMEN ONLY!

Workshop: Saturday 26th October 10.30am to 1.30pm, £45

Please register via email to or book directly here.

Note: For the series of classes please register or book by Mon 7th Oct midnight.

More information via Mia’s website

Please note that these workshops and classes are for women only.

26th - 26 October
Sat 26 Oct 10.30am-1.30pm
Women Only
Book via email: